About Us

Founded by Mr. Hung Ah Hing, Daikyo Group of companies is one of the leading business in Brunei Darussalam in the area of Industrial Gas, Recycling and Transportation. With over 40 years of commitment to excellence, together with a team of highly motivated and dedicated professionals, Daikyo continues to deliver the highest quality of products and services to its client and as well as neighboring countries through the following company subsidiaries including Daikyo Industrial Gas, Daikyo Environmental Recycling and Everise Transportation Services



Daikyo Industrial Gas Sdn Bhd has been positioning gases in the country for the sustenance of life and economy since 1982. They are Brunei’s leading service provider of Industrial Gas and has been an integral part of the global energy system supplying a wide range of gases in the Country including Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon, Refrigerant gases R12-R22-R404-R502 & R134A, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Helium, and balloon gas, etc.
Daikyo also supplies welding & consumables tools for cutting, machines for welding & other equipment & accessories related thereto. They are the official agent for “SRI” & “WIM” from Singapore and Malaysia and provides refilling & servicing of all types of fire extinguishers and welding machines.
One of the crucial aspects that Daikyo ensures in its workplace is to promote Health and Safety and to be able to provide the highest standard in regards to the protection of the environment and its personnel.


In order to achieve our Vision, Daikyo Industrial Gas practices the core values of the company in order to continue to grow and diversify the business with the ability to move beyond traditional thinking and geographical boundaries. 


At Daikyo Industrial Gas, we aim to follow a policy of controlled-growth and to deliver optimal values to our customers with our team of highly dedicated and professionals that are committed to Quality, Integrity and Environmental Responsibility. 



The quality of work shapes everything we do in the company, which is why we strive to provide high quality work in order to exceed the expectations and requirement of our customers.


We believe that the best work should always come with integrity, ensuring to conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical way with everyone we do business with. 

Environmental Responsibility

With our corporate environmental responsibility, we ensure that our manufacturing, processing and distribution practices are sustainable and has low impact to the environment. This way we can continue to keep the environment clean and green.  



  • Accessories
  • Safety and Protective Equipment
  • Industrial Gases
  • WIM (Welding)
  • SRI Fire Extinguisher
  • BUTBRO Welding 
  • Refrigerants
  • Medical – Apparatus / Cylinders
  • Balloons and Accessories
  • Charging Hose
  • Gas Cylinder Valves


  • Gas Supply

We supply a variety of gas to cater to the requirement of each client where we also arrange technical and management support including delivery of gases. 

  • Provision of “SRI” Fire Extinguisher and Welding Machineries, Technical Support & Servicing

We provide the highest quality products of fire extinguishers, welding machineries and also a team of highly motivated and dedicated team of professionals to ensure we give the best technical support and after sales service to our clients.

  • Industrial Services

Daikyo Industrial Gas provides extensive conducts of gas purity testing, hydro testing, cleaning, drying, purging, leak detection, and inspection for piping and storage tanks.

  • Oil and Gas Service

Surface coatings to reduce the effects of abrasion, oxidization, corrosion, erosion, wear & extreme heat, helping you making the safest products possible.

  • Logistic Support

Our logistics team will deliver your gases to the location on time and in the highest safety standards for your operations. Our employees are the most experienced, highly trained in the industry in delivering our products safely.

  • Gas Handling Equipment

We are committed to providing each and every customer with reliable, safe and efficient gas handling equipment to help maximize productivity. From flow devices and gas delivery systems to regulators, purifiers and filters, we offer a complete line of equipment to help meet your most demanding and precise applications.

  • Fire Alarm Systems

We provide service maintenance and installation for fire alarm system

  • CCTV 

We also provide service maintenance and installation for CCTV systems for both residential and commercial areas.

  • Security System

We provide service maintenance and installation for CCTV systems

  • Fabrication Service

We provide cylinder cage


Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd (DER) was founded in 1987 and initially started as a recycling/trading of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. To this day, the company has diversified into the recycling of papers, plastics, electronic waste and nylon bags where the recycled materials are processed and exported overseas to a global supply of customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan and India.

With a vast experience throughout the years, DER has established itself as a leading player in the recycling industry in Brunei Darussalam. The company operates a one-stop supply centre for the collection and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, papers, plastics, e-waste and nylon bags.

DER continuously seeks to grow its business by widening its global network of supply sources and customers, and expanding its range of products and services. The company further seeks potential acquisitions and joint venture opportunities for strategic expansion into recycling related businesses.


Sustaining a clean and safe environment for the future generation by keeping our country clean and green, maintaining Brunei’s image as the “Green Heart of Borneo”.


To become the number one waste collecting company in Brunei and to provide educational resources on the environmental recycling, towards achieving a sustainable clean and safe environment.



We uphold ourselves with the professionalism,honesty, sincerity to deliver what we promisedthrough adopting best practices.


Also, incorporates “Kaizen”, as continuousimprovements in the company’s dailyoperations to progress and grow as we areself-driven to achieve the Key PerformanceIndicators, through continuous learning andupgrade of knowledge and skills.


We always seek ways to perform efficiently and effectively and embrace change with courage, flexibility and adaptability.


Daikyo Environmental Recycling is a one-stop center for the recycling of various materials including:

• Papers
• Electronic wastes
• Nylon bags
• Recycle Bins


Daikyo Environmental Recycling also provides pick up collection services whereby drivers will be dispatched to the customers locations including residential or commercial areas in order to collect the recycle materials.
We also regularly collaborate with companies and NGO’s for recycling drive campaigns and events.
Why Recycle?

  • Conserves natural resources 
  • Saves energy 
  • Reduces environmental pollution
  • Creates jobs in local industries 


Recycling begins with individual users at home, businesses, universities and many more. It is a dynamic process that restores the life cycle of material. At Daikyo Recycling, operations primarily involve the following procedures:

Step 1: Procurement and Collection

All types of recyclable materials are collected by Daikyo which are then combined together in a large recycling container. 

Step 2: Sorting and Processing

Materials collected will then be sorted and segregated among others and are then measured and graded for quality. Processing helps eliminate contaminants which can lower the quality of recycled products. 

Step 3: Packaging

Once materials are processed, they will then proceed for packaging for efficient handling and quality control in order to meet the customers specifications and manufactured to be used to create new products.


All types of paper including cartons, scrap paper, newspaper, magazines, egg trays.


All types including mineral water bottles, soda bottles, shampoo bottles, cooking oil plastic bottles, car coolant plastic bottles.


Soda aluminum cans, window frames, construction structures, radiators.


Papers, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Electronic waste and Nylon bags.


Recently established last 2020, Everise Transportation Services offers heavy duty lorries which was purchased from HM-Ho Auto Engineering Services Co. ltd last 23rd December 2020. There are three 6X4 diesel heavy-duty dump trucks produced for Everise Transportation Services which meets the European standard cab safety certification. 

With the rapid development of business, Everise Transportation offers a golden power combination performance with low fuel consumption and has a higher capacity, safety and reliability. Their truck capacity can accommodate up to 10 tons of weight and is one of Brunei’s trusted transportation services.