Bruneians urged to recycle during festive period


BRUNEIANS were urged to recycle when disposing of recyclable materials during Ramadhan and the upcoming Raya

Site Manager of Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd James Hung told The Brunei Times that there is usually a
spike in the number of recyclable waste during the festive months.

He cited the amount of waste collected by the company last year during June and July – coinciding with Ramadhan and

He said they managed to collect 209,122kg of paper and cartons in June. The figure increased to 234,792kg in July.

They only collected 199,755.50kg of paper and carton in May, 2015.

Hung attributed the increase of paper and carton waste collected to the packaging of soft drinks bought during the festive

Interestingly they recorded a decrease in aluminium waste – derived mostly from cans of soft drinks – collected over the
same period.

May saw 3958.10kg of aluminum collected while 2,804kg were collected in June and 2,926.2kg in July.

The site manager attributed the decrease to the lack of consistency and priority that Bruneians may place on recycling.

Hung urged Bruneians to store recyclable waste collected during Ramadhan and Raya in a cool dry place for recycling

“Our company does free pickups when the recyclables amount to 100kg. It doesn’t have to reach the exact amount but
close to it is good,” he said.

Daikyo pays residents 5 cents per kilo for paper, 3 cents per kilo for plastic, 5 cents per kilo for scrap metal, $0.60 per
kilo for aluminum, $1 per kilo for stainless steel scrap and $6 per kilo for copper scrap.

Payment will be made on the spot.

Members of the public who are interested in a pick up service may contact the company at 2773380.

The Brunei Times