Daikyo to set up more recycling depots


DAIKYO Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd plans to set up more recycling depots in the country to raise environmental
awareness and positively change people’s behaviour to recycle more.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Jeffrey Hung, Daikyo’s project manager, said that the availability of depots in all districts will
help residents to dispose their recyclables.

“Most of the time, the public will call us to collect the recyclable items from their place especially those residing in Tutong and
Temburong districts. We then will bring them (the waste) to our main site for process,” he said.

Currently, the establishment has two recycling depots which are in Serasa and in the Belait district.

He said the company however will only collect the waste from private residents and businesses if the recyclables weigh not
less than 100 kilogrammes.

“That is the minimum weight for collection (at private places) as we do not want to increase our carbon footprint by travelling
far as it is not worth the distance unless it weighs more than that,” Hung added.

Hung further said that not everyone was aware of the recycling company and that people tend to throw their waste at landfill.

“We need to minimise on landfills as it is quite packed already with domestic waste. If there is a depot nearby them, they can
just drop by there instead to throw away unwanted metals, plastic bottles and paper,” he said, adding that Daikyo previously
planned to collaborate with government agencies to establish recycling depots on plots of land which will reduce the need for

“We did express our idea to the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) sometime last year and it was
interested… so we are still waiting for the response,” said the project manager.

Asked on the size of the depot should the idea be approved, Hung said: “The area does not need to be big, maybe half an
acre. There should be a warehouse or sheltered area and a small office to weigh the waste as well as a place to pay

According to Hung, on average, the recycling company receives more than 10,000kg of recyclable waste in a month which
consists mostly of papers, metals and plastic.

The Brunei Times