Steady increase in paper recycling


ONE of Brunei’s largest recycling companies has recorded a steady increase in supermarkets and schools recycling
their waste over the past three years.

Daikyo Environmental Recycling Sdn Bhd Site Manager James Hung said it received about seven thousand tonnes of
paper last year, up from 5,900 tonnes in 2014.

In 2013, Daikyo received 4,800 tonnes of paper for recycling.

Hung said the increase of paper waste sent to the company was due to improved awareness from supermarkets and
schools in Brunei.

He said the company received paper waste from more than 10 supermarkets and 50 schools in the sultanate.

The recycling firm, which has been operating in Brunei since 1987, has been giving briefings to students and
companies on the importance of recycling.

Hung said the company has sponsored more than 150 recycling bins to schools in a bid to advocate recycling among

“We sponsored three sets of recycling bins to each school,” said the site manager.

Based on market price in Brunei, the company pays five cents for 1kg of paper. We receive all types of paper including
newspapers, magazines, books, flyers, pamphlets and so on,” he added.

The company also offers pick-up services to collect paper waste anywhere across the sultanate as long as individuals
or companies produce at least 1,000 kg or one tonne of paper for recycling.

“We will pay cash on the spot,” said Hung.

However, he said many Bruneians were still unaware on how to compile and store one tonne of recyclable waste at

“The reason behind the 1,000kg of paper is to save transportation costs,” the site manager continued.

He advised individuals to store any used paper in bins inside the house to prevent them from getting wet, before selling
them to the recycling firm.

The recycled papers are exported overseas to customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Singapore, Japan
and India, according to information on Daikyo’s website.

The Brunei Times